Over 10,000 Square Feet!

Our museum features over 10,000 square feet of exhibit space dedicated to dinosaur-age creatures that once lived in our area right here in Colorado. Some of the world’s most well-known and beloved dinosaurs were first found just outside Cañon City, in the Garden Park Paleontological Area. Dinosaurs and other critters continue to be discovered here, and the fascinating stories of their discovery are detailed in our museum.

Part of an Ocean?!

Did you know that Colorado was once part of an ocean? We have an entire exhibit hall dedicated to the ancient marine creatures that occupied the waterways in this area. The Cretaceous Interior Seaway has been dubbed by experts, “the world’s most dangerous environment.” Come see what made this such a treacherous place!

Roam Free or Guided!

You may feel free to wander among the exhibits at your own pace, but we encourage you to take a guided tour, (free with your paid admission.) Our knowledgeable Adventure Guides will take you on a tour back through time, unlocking secrets of both the creatures displayed here and the exciting and sometimes scandalous history of the people who found them and helped to make them famous. It’s a truly exciting story that we tell through interactive stations, fascinating displays, and engaging tours. Tours generally last approximately 45 minutes and do not require reservations or scheduling.